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How many sessions do I need?

I usually laugh when asked  this questions  and remark,”How good do you want to feel?”There is no set answer because each person is different. The first visit one has no idea what the relaxation will feel like but  may not be able to keep their eyes open. When it is over, you just know you want more!

The continued release from stress often helps to manage pain. The receiver begins to relax quicker in a session, aware but relaxed. This feeling may continue after the session is done.

I often suggest at least three sessions to break the stress cycle. Because of that, I offer three sessions for $75 ( usually $30 a session). Now, you know you want more>


Take a Break

We get more active in the summer from working in the yard to taking a hike. It can leave us a little sore and sometimes a little grouchy. It is the perfect time to “Relax With Reflexology.” You will get a half hour of undivided attention, while I work the reflexes of your spine, neck and shoulders as well as your whole body.

Bring your Mint Julep and come on!


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What Reflexology Is Not

To understand reflexology, you really need to experience it.  You cannot accurately describe it. Perspective clients sometime have questions.

Will reflexology heal me? No, not directly and I suggest being aware of someone with wild claims.  Healing comes from God and many tools may be used by Him. In Tennessee, reflexology is listed as a relaxation technique. I work all the body reflexes to help relax you. God is healer; I am just a catalyst.

Stress is a co-factor in many illnesses. Breaking that cycle helps with pain control and supports healing. I have seen great support from reflexology from sciatic pain to complementing cancer therapy.

Isn’t reflexology just foot massage? Not at all.  Reflexology has its own history, methods and training. In Tennessee, we are registered and completely separate under the law. Reflexology is not a foot rub but very specific movements on each foot. Your body maps out on your feet and reflexology address  this incredible gift.

Like I stated, YOU need to experience reflexology for yourself. Call for an appointment or drop by Wednesday at Sunflower Health

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House and Office Calls

Since going full-time with reflexology, I have more time for office and home calls. I enjoy relaxing someone in their own space. They can kick back and not have to worry about driving home if they get so relaxed they fall asleep. I  love it plus sometimes I get to meet their family.

Some folks need to get away to the quiet of the office at Sunflower Health. There I have the aroma therapy machine and the sounds of music and water.

Wherever you need to relax, we can work it out. Reflexology  is flexible. All I need are your feet.


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Depression and Reflexology

Brian J. Mickey, M.D., PhD, discusses ” The Root of Your Depression”  in esperanza magazine. The synopsis is sorta like this. While this is a complex problem, the major roots of depression are life events, negative perception and neurological processes.

Situational depression can be anything that causes stress like the death of a loved one or loss of a job. Negative perception is when one appraises a situation as bad, even though others do not see it that way. Genetics and environment can influence this. One example of this is childhood abuse. These can often be helped by counseling and stress reduction techniques like Reflexology.  The last one, neurological processes, brain function, may need medication as well as life changes. Most often, it is a combination of all three–a situation triggers the other two.

I love this quote:

” Our human capacities to recognize, accept, and act on our on behalf are our greatest strengths in coping when illness strikes.”


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Rocking Meditation

Rocking chairs have always been a part of my life. As a child, I had the traditional little red rocking chair. Next, I rocked my son sometimes to sleep. Now, I have a rocking chair on the porch, but my favorite is in my house–my Papa’s rocker. I watched a lot of Saturday night westerns sitting in his lap.

(I also believe rocking counts as a sort of ab crunches.)

What does this have to do with meditation? Prayer is talking to God and hopefully listening as well. Meditation is listening to God with your mouth shut and your mind focused. Rocking just kind of puts you there. Rock on!


First Blessings of the Day

I slept crappy, so at 4:30, I just got up. I took my Sweet Wheat, fixed my coffee, and headed to the porch with cats in tow. Then, I saw it…a shooting star. Wow! It has been a long time since I have seen one of those.

Later, I heard the hoot of a Great Barn owl.  We have a history and so good to know it is back. Yep, the first blessings of the day.


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