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Sharon West, Registered Certified Reflexologist

Sharon West, Registered Certified Reflexologist

About Me: I’m a graduate of  Central Wesleyan University, with a B.S in Human Resources. I’ve been a practicing reflexologist for over 25 years, and I’ve been a Registered Certified Reflexologist in the state of Tennessee since 1997.


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  1. I’m interested in receiving a secession or more I’m familiar with it, although never experienced it. However I suffer from a C4 spinal cord injury from 2015. I am walking with cane most of the time. I have lots of numbness in hands and tingling and numbness in both hands and feet.
    Do to nerve damage my feet is very sensitive, touching them Doesn’t hurt but causes me jump as if being tickled. If this makes any sense. Wondering if it would be worth. Do you take insurance?

  2. Sorry! I just saw this.I couldn’t read your whole message. Best to call me @ 731-589-0380.Sharon

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