Reflexology Is As Simple As Washing Your Hands, But So Much More

Washing your hands is the first line of defense against the corona virus. Some people dismiss it as too simple to work, while paying too much for items they hope may prevent it. Simple does not mean it doesn’t work. We can get caught up into thinking complicated and convoluted somehow makes things better, more important. Boy, society has made a mess with that attitude.

Reflexology can be misunderstood this way. How can rubbing someone’s feet make a difference in their health? Reflexology is a science and a mystery. Reflexology is a relaxation technique based on reflexes in your feet. That is why we use the feet. We will call this the short version.

Clients’ feet tell me about their body by tender spots and crunchy areas, that I just call “crunchies.” It a simple technique that I have practiced over thirty years. It is simple to me after years of training, study and experience. I find reflexology to be powerful. I am surely going to use it during this time to boost my immunity by decreasing stress and embracing the mystery of reflexology.