Tarzan, Barefoot Reflexologist?

So, what does this photo have to do with reflexology and stress? Hummm. Tarzan sure appears to be the Barefoot Reflexologist in this photo! I should have known. I am impressed and delighted.

My childhood hero was Tarzan (the real one, Johnny Weissmuller, of course). I watched him every Saturday morning. Then, we played in the backyard. I was Tarzan, Jill was Jane and if my other cousin came over, we made him be Cheetah.Tarzan has come back in my life through a series of gifts. Years ago, my son gave me a Tarzan action figure that actually yelled. It lives in my shower and I see it every day. Recently, Steve has been sending me the coolest postcards with scenes from various Tarzan movies. I love them and him for being so thoughtful! They hang by my front door. Who can say that? Today my friend, Kim, gave me a six movie Tarzan DVD set. How cool is that! They are hard to find. This set came from England. She gets me and I love her for it.

See, my favorite scenes were when Jane jumped out of the tree into Tarzan’s arms. Sigh! I thought it was so romantic!! It was trust personified for this little girl’s heart. That’s why I still crush on Tarzan today. My heart has taken a beating through the years but Jesus and Tarzan have never let me down.

I believe good memories and touchstones can be stress relievers. When I see the gifts of love and giggles about my Tarzan, I am first grateful for the givers and then for the comfort of good times. I feel safe and secure.

Take a few moments and think of your childhood hero. I hope you giggle and take a deep breath. Come get your feet done and I will smile with you.

Sharon West ,RCR Reflexologist, Dyersburg, TN


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