Listening to My Father and My Son

I said I would be praying and contemplating when to open my reflexology office. Please understand, this is about my situation. It is not a judgement of yours. My answer came as a thought that said, “Honor your Father and mother and your son.” I found that confusing since my daddy died many years ago, but when I wrote it down, it came out as capital F. Father as in God.

My son has already asked me to stay home for a while for my protection. My mother’s protection is paramount. How could this decision honor my Father? I suspect it is a trust issue. I tend to be independent and want to take care of myself.

There is something quite bizarre about all of this. Years ago I would have been among the first ones back, calling myself brave and free, a rebel. Guess what? I am still a rebel! While I was not ordered to open, this time I’m rebelling against a government attitude that pressures me out beyond my principles, scientific data, and common sense for me.

I work because I love reflexology. I’m a reflexologist; it is what I do. Reflexology supplements my Social Security, so I am grateful for unemployment. It will probably be cut off tomorrow.

How do I honor my Father, my mother and my son? I will stay home until June or whenever it is safe. I trust my Father to take care of me. I keep protecting my Mother by staying home as much as I can to not expose her through me. Steve will have one less thing to worry about and the satisfaction of knowing that I really listened.

Yeah, that feels right. I will see you when all this settles down. We will “do feet” and tell tales.

I love you and I miss you, not just your feet.

P.S. Tigger’s cut is almost healed.


Sharon West, Registered Certified Reflexologist

Dyersburg, TN 731-589-0380

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