Facing My Anxiety

As I looked into re-opening my reflexology practice, I realized I was feeling anxious. It was important for me to analyze my feelings and not give in to some vague notions.

Would opening be safe for myself and clients? Would my clients wear a mask? How would I wear a mask all day? Would my clients return? What if they didn’t? What if cases increase after I open? If I had to shut down again, would I still qualify for unemployment? The vicious circle goes on.

These are legitimate questions. The answers are somewhat unknowable at this moment. Only in going back would I know. Is it worth the risk? That decision is the hard part.

I checked out my adrenal reflexes and they weren’t too bad. The adrenals are greatly affected by stress. I’ve started praying more about what to do. I’m leaning toward re-opening June 2, but not sure yet. It may be best to wait until July. I have to admit that I have enjoyed staying home. I have watched a zillion movies and spent hours on the porch. I don’t really go that many places. The thoughts of getting back into a routine are a little stressful. There are people out there! Some I miss terribly. At some point, I’ll get out there.When? Stay tuned.

Sharon West, Registered Certified Reflexologist

Dyersburg, TN 731-589-0380

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