What Does A Reflexologist Do When She Can’t Do Feet?

I tell you what she does–she does her own feet! I did a full session today on my own feet. I must say it was lovely. Most days I do a few reflexes to get me going,but I seldom (almost never) do a full session. It is awkward to be sure but I will do better. I was so glad I could reach my feet easily.

This stay-at-home order is tough but oh, so necessary. My plan is to load a video I did about this. The adrenal reflex is just under the ball of the foot. The adrenal glands are greatly effected by stress. Boy, are we all stressed right now! If you find the reflex, it might be quite tender. Hold it for 7 seconds x 3. Breathe.

We will do reflexology together soon. Until then, be very careful, one day at a time.

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