Be Still and Enjoy the Show

The weather radio went off at 3:15 a.m. I was then wide awake. I just went ahead and got up, although the storm was suppose to go north of us.

With coffee cup in hand, the trio of cats and I went outside to be greeted by a lightning show. Now, I am not terrified of storms but let’s say that I have a very healthy respect for them, especially after the tornadoes that hit this area. I have a designated spot in my closet when the siren goes off.

It takes a few minutes to decide whether to retreat or rock. The cats are cool, so I sit down and settle in for the show. ” Be still and know that I am God” comes to mind. That is fine until the wind picks up. I get up, open the door, call the cats …… they won’t come in! Well, shoot, I sit back down and rock, although a bit edgey about it by now. The wind calms and the show continues. I chill. A little later, the wind picks up but I am cool. The cats scamper about and I drink and rock. By now,  I am mostly enjoying the show. Closer thunder and I am at the door with reluctant cats joining me. We head inside and the rain storm begins. I thought Tigger was still outside and called and called. He did not come so I went inside. Going to get my tablet, there he lay. I guess he was quicker than I thought. Alright, interesting way to start the day.




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