Jesus Has a (slightly warped) Sense of Humor

The devotional reading  this morning of “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young was about the presence of Jesus in our daily place. There is a song by that title  which I sang with  gusto.  About that time the humor began. I started to the bathroom to be met by two of three kittens playing with great wads of toilet paper (They have been stalking this for weeks now.) Man, that stuff is not cheap anymore. Later I heard a crash and a sound of rushing water. They had been on the table, a big no-no, and turned over a glass of  water that cascaded everywhere on the wooden table. Last, but not least so far, Tigger was on top of my reading lamp fascinated by the glowing bulb. Jesus, enough, I get it. I keep singing and laughing. Oh, yeah, Jesus has a sense of humor.

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