Lessons From the Butterflies

Yesterday, my friend Kim and I went to a lecture on Monarch butterflies by Gene Cannon at the Reelfoot NWR. We got to see the tiny eggs on milkweed leaves, to tiny caterpillars,  to big fat caterpillars (their job to get fat!) and  the beautiful jade green chrysalis with its artistic gold trim.

I held a medium fat caterpillar curled up on my palm.  I gently stroked it and it uncurled and crawled up my finger. Alas, we had no butterflies! Two of the chrysalis were overdue to dazzle us by  becoming butterflies. You can’t rush metamorphoses!!

We can’t rush our own transformations.  It is stressful to try. We can want to be anyone but ourself, anywhere but here.  I wonder if God giggles as we become us, knowing we will fly.  I know I got stuck in the worm stage. I think my lesson here is this: there is HOPE. God gives  us examples from nature. We later walked through a butterfly garden and were amazed by the glory of these former caterpillars.

An old cartoon on my refrigerator addresses this well.  Two caterpillars look up in the sky as a butterfly flies by and one says, “You’d never get me up in one of those!”

Happy Day!


This entry was posted on August 26, 2018.

Happy Everything!

Happy Easter! It brings joy to my soul, peace to my longings and chocolate.

Happy Spring! It brings buttercups, sunshine, and playing in the dirt.

Happy time do reflexology! You will relax, rest and be good to yourself.

Call today. IT IS HAPPY TIME!


This entry was posted on March 30, 2018.

My Clients

I have wonderful clients. Most of them get the three session series, some continue for many months. I get to be a part of their lives–both the joy and pain. I am honored when I get to bring some relaxation to their world. Both men and women, old and young, rich and not so much, make-up my clients. I am so glad!




Sharon West,RCR


Ouch, My Back Hurts!

I have  had a busy few days. I stained the  back step and today I picked up limbs from a storm. I called myself bending my knees, but my back seems to disagree. My back hurt. Before I pulled up the website, I grabbed my feet. The insteps are the reflex points  for your back. Both were tender as I worked them. Such relief!

Reflexology supports so many things. If you have not tried it, well, why not?


Sharon West, RCR


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Labor Day Chill and Awareness of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Labor Day seems to be a time of change. Today the fair opens, the temperature is cooler and Fall  is near.

Some people use today as a chill day, while for others, it is the last whoop-lah of Summer– either is a good idea.

For me, I become aware of a certain melancholy that I must address. I have Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and I have to watch to not panic-ahead toward Winter. I truly want to get outside this Fall and enjoy myself.

What does this have to do with reflexology? For one, if you have SAD, you have ( in me) a friend who can relate. Stress is stress and SAD certainly qualifies. Reflexology embraces you in relaxation. You are welcome here.

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Reflexology–Rest In Peace–In a Good Way

Sometimes, it is hard to rest. There are so many distractions and interfering moments. Even in the daylight,  we need to rest so we can begin again. Reflexology is a refreshing break to re-group. It is amazing how revitalizing a thirty minute session can be–peaceful, calm, and healthy. Why delay?

Sharon West, RCR




Adrenaline and the Dead Snake

I picked up a few limbs in the driveway and started back in the house to leave for work. Then, I saw it–a snake in the grass! Being moderately terrified of snakes, the adrenaline rush hit, pounding heart and all. It was “fight or flight.” I ran to get the hoe.

Reminding myself to breathe, I donned my gloves (I don’t know why–I sure wasn’t going to touch it.) and went back to fight. The snake had not moved. I whacked it; it did not move. I whacked it several times. It was already dead. Oh. I picked it up with the hoe and disposed of it. I put everything up, washed my hands (snake germs from afar?) and went to do reflexology.

My adrenaline had not totally dissipated when I got to the office. I turned on the diffuser with lavender, worked my adrenal reflexes on both feet and laughed as I told me tale to others. Later, I walked two miles. I went to the C0-Op and got some snake repellent.

Sometimes, life can stress us out but  it is bad when stress becomes chronic. Sometime  stress is like a dead snake, much ado about nothing, but the adrenaline level still rises. Reflexology is an active way to help manage your stress. ” Reflexology–where stress meets its match”

Sharon, West RCR

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Don’t Stress About a Last-Minute Father’s Day Gift!

Call me to get a gift certificate that Dad will use and love. He will love kicking back and relaxing as I do reflexology on his feet. In fact, he may snore!

Chill out and call me.  731-589-0380


Sharon West RCR

In The Good Ole Summer Time

Summer is almost here. So, we have no stress, right? Perhaps vacations help, but yard work and other changes of summer  can get a bit stressful. Reflexology is the relaxation technique for all seasons! It is like a mini-vacation! Come slip off those flip-flops and chill! You can bring your own mint-julep.


Sharon West, RCR

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