Coping With Morning Excursions

Yesterday morning got me out of my comfort zone early. First, the cats were out roaming when I heard a strange sound. It was not an animal sound, but weird. Putting coffee cup aside, I went to the side of the porch to investigate. There I saw the black panther (I call him) back arched, ready to pounce on Tigger.

My Mother Bear instincts kicked in and I shooed him away and rebuked him in Jesus’ name and other words I’d rather not share in the same sentence. He ran, but stopped to see if I would pursue him. I did and sure hoped he would not run toward me. Thankfully, he moved on.

I settled back into the rocker and waited for my pulse to return to normal. Re-group time. I moved  into my devo time and then watched the cats come running to be fed.  I opened the door gasping, as Charcoal, the little female, ran in with something in her mouth.  I wrestled it from her to reveal a (thankfully) dead little field mouse. She growled proudly at her brothers, showing what the huntress she was. I patted her with words of praise and future instructions for such treasures. I was pooped and it was only seven o’clock.

Ok, what lessons could I learn from this deviant day? First, there is a time to stand your ground. There have been  a few times in my life when I shook after confrontations were complete.

Secondly, we should not judge another’s gifts of bravery. I know God does not when I bring him a field mouse-type present. He says, “Well done, Little Lamb.”


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